Hope Community Church
Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Ministries where you can use your gifts and talents to serve the people of Hope & our community


Have you ever stood at the edge of a pool on a blistering hot, humid day, wondering if you should take the plunge? It’s a lot safer to just watch others, but what would you miss? We believe that God has called all of us not to be just spectators, but participants. In fact, part of your growth in Christ will happen as you actively serve others both here at Hope and in the community. If you know Jesus, then God has designed you to play a vital role in the body of Christ. The body needs you, and you need the body! So let us encourage you to take the plunge- you won’t regret it!

Here are some suggestions for taking the plunge:

Pray: Ask God to lead you.
When determining where God may want you to serve, you may want to consider the following questions:
  • Is there a ministry to which I feel drawn, passionate, or just simply curious? For instance, maybe you like children and are curious about what it may be like to get involved with our children’s ministry.
  • What are my spiritual gifts and/or abilities? For instance, perhaps your gifts are in the area of service and you like doing physical, tangible work. You may want to check out our Set-up/Take-down crew.
  • What are some aspects of your God-given personality that also may be a factor in finding a place to serve? For instance, perhaps you are an extrovert and really enjoy meeting people. Maybe you would really enjoy our welcome ministry.

Having considered the above questions, click on the links below to explore different options.  Here at Hope, we also want to give your child the opportunity to serve also. Below are also position descriptions for children.

Contact: If you are interested in any ministry opportunity, just email us at info@go2hope.org and the ministry leader of that ministry will contact you.

Try it: Before you commit to a ministry, ask if you can just observe or even try serving in the position. If you don’t think it is the ministry God has for you, feel free to say so!


POSITION DESCRIPTIONS (Click each position below to view the individual description)  NOTE: 12/7/17--These opportunities are in process of bring updated

On-going Ministries:
Sunday morning ministries:
Ministries Occurring at Other Times Besides Sunday Morning:
  • Worship Programs- Folding
  • Hope photographers
  • Women’s Ministry [position description needed]
  • Website [this is a closed position]
  • High School & Middle School Ministry [position description needed]
  • Prayer Ministries (General)
  • Home Groups:
    • Home Group Hosts
    • Home Group Leaders [NOTE: If interested, please talk to Wayne Okamoto]
  • 222 Discipleship Relay Trainers [NOTE: If interested, please talk to Wayne Okamoto]
  • Men’s Leadership Ministry [NOTE: If interested, please talk to Jim Stewart]
  • Financial Team [NOTE: If interested, please talk to Brian Clements]
    • Counting teams [position description needed]
One-time/Short-term Ministries: