Hope Community Church
Sunday, February 25, 2024

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Position Description for

Communion Coordinator

Last updated: 4/15/14

Overall Ministry Description and How it Relates to Hope’s Mission Statement: To help the people of Hope connect with God by scheduling and coordinating the communion set-up team

Ministry Position Summary: To schedule and coordinate the communion set-up team prepare and take down the communion table(s) when needed at Hope (usually the 1st Sunday morning)

Ministry Leader: Wendy Reed Erlandson (email her at info@go2hope.org)

Spiritual Gifts, Talents & Skills: Gifts of service or helps

Reporting Structure: Reports to the lead pastor

Time commitment: 60 minutes during the Sunday of communion, usually the first Sunday of the month); If there are others on the team, can alternate months with the team member(s)

Current Status: 1 serving/0 more people needed

General Ministry Responsibilities:

  1. To coordinate the schedule of who prepares and takes down the communion table on occasions when needed at Hope (usually the 1st Sunday morning)
  2. Insures we have all the supplies including matzos & grape juice & cups
    • Orders the cups on-line when needed
    • Purchases matzos and grape juice locally
  3. To serve in the rotation of the communion set-up team, whose duties include:
    • Sets-up the communion table, including the table cloth, trays and elements, and the candle
    • Cleans up all the communion table and puts things in the communion bin
    • Insures that the communion servers are notified and are ready to serve for the particular Sunday
      • ***NOTE: Be sure to give them an instruction sheet for communion servers
  4. If needed, takes home the tablecloth to be laundered

Specific Ministry Instructions: See separate instruction sheet