Hope Community Church
Sunday, February 25, 2024

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Position Description for

Children’s Ministry

Elementary Helper (1st – 5th grade)

Last updated: 4/16/14

Overall Ministry Description and How it Relates to Hope’s Mission Statement: The purpose of Children’s Ministry is to teach God’s Word in an applicable way, minister to the children so that they will be spiritually and emotionally healthy through the power of Jesus Christ, and equip them to be active members of His Kingdom on earth.

Ministry Position Summary: To assist the teacher as he or she needs.

Ministry Leader: Ollie Okamoto (Children’s Ministry Personnel Coordinator)- email her at info@go2hope.org

Spiritual Gifts, Talents & Skills:

  • Enjoys and is gifted in working with children.
  • Anybody that desires this position must be a regular attender for at least 6 mos.
  • All children’s ministry volunteers must agree to allow a background check

Reporting Structure: Reports to Children's Ministry Personnel Coordinator and Sunday School Teacher

Time commitment: Serves approximately once every 4wks.; approximately 45 minutes on Sunday morning during the message

Current Status: 7 serving/ 2 more people needed

General Ministry Responsibilities:

  1. To assist the teacher in anyway as needed
  2. To help any individual child that needs special attention (e.g.- going through a difficult time, or being disruptive, or having ants in his/her pants, etc.)
  3. You may need to sit with them during the lesson
  4. Rescheduling – if you are unable to serve on your scheduled Sunday, please attempt to switch with another person on the helper team & inform the personnel coordinator (Ollie) of the change