Hope Community Church
Sunday, February 25, 2024

daily relationship with God

Religion or relationship? Our relationship with God was not meant to be something we do just on Sunday mornings. God desires that we walk with Him throughout each day. He longs for us to get to know Him, just as He knows us. In addition to communicating with Him throughout our day, we believe it is important to spend daily time with God, reading His Word, worshiping, praying, and just enjoying His presence.


The word “disciple” in the New Testament means a student, pupil, or follower of Jesus. So discipleship is simply growing in our relationship with Jesus as we follow Him. When a person first begins to journey with God, it can be helpful to have a mentor. Think about this-- Jesus had the twelve. Barnabas had Paul. Paul had Timothy. Biblical truth is often learned best in the context of relationships. For this reason, we want to help ground believers in the basics of the Christian life through meeting with someone one-on-one or couple-to-couple. Whether over lunch or a cup of coffee, you can meet with someone who will walk you through some important Biblical truths to help you build a strong foundation for your walk with God.  For a bigger picture of how this works, please click here.


For a quick description of some of the ministries here at Hope, please click here.