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Thursday, July 18, 2024

ShareFest Coordinator

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Position Description for

ShareFest Coordinator Position Description

Last updated: 4/16/14

Overall Ministry Description and How it Relates to Hope’s Mission Statement: To touch lives through serving the community in conjunction with other churches in the Lindenhurst, Lake Villa, Antioch area

Ministry Position Summary: To plan, organize, and supervise the Hope work teams for ShareFest (note: In the past, we have chosen to participate in the Sr. Assist aspect of ShareFest which is to serve seniors in our community with basic house & yard needs.)

Ministry Leader: Varies from year to year (for more info, email Wayne at wayne@go2hope.org)

Spiritual Gifts, Talents & Skills: General handyman skills; also helpful- administration & leadership Reporting Structure: Reports to the pastor

Time commitment: This is not an on-going position, but rather focuses on the time period leading up to and during ShareFest weekend which is usually the first weekend of October. The time commitment is minimal at first, but becomes more intense as the ShareFest weekend approaches.

Current Status: 0 serving/ 1 more people needed

General Ministry Responsibilities:

  1. Joins with other ShareFest leaders of other churches to organize and plan the overall activities of ShareFest With the pastor, recruits a team of individuals to help coordinate Hope’s activities in ShareFest
    • This includes assessors and team leaders
  2. Monitors and possibly participates with the Hope ShareFest assessors who visit homes in the months before ShareFest to assess their needs
    • Assessors visit the homes of seniors who have requested ShareFest help
    • Assessors assess the nature & feasibility of the tasks to be done, the man hours it will take to accomplish the tasks, and the tools & materials needed
  3. Overseas the Hope ShareFest team leaders
    • In conjunction with the pastor, recruits team leaders
    • Assigns the homes to be served & helps the team leaders understand the nature of the work to be done
    • Insures that the team leaders are equipped for their task and have the information needed to purchase any needed materials to accomplish the tasks
    • On ShareFest day, supervises the team leaders to accomplish the work to be done