Hope Community Church
Thursday, July 18, 2024

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Position Description for

Social & Picnic Team

Last updated: 4/15/14

Overall Ministry Description and How it Relates to Hope’s Mission Statement: To help Hope people connect through socials and picnics

Ministry Position Summary: To coordinate the logistics for any of the Hope socials and picnics

Ministry Leader: Team leader & team changes for each event; for more info, contact Wayne Okamoto (email him at info@go2hope.org)

Spiritual Gifts, Talents & Skills: Gifts of administration, helps, or service

Reporting Structure: Reports to the pastor, works closely with a team of individuals to accomplish the tasks below

Time commitment: To coordinate any of the church-wide social events (3-4 times/year; Picnics after baptism services are held on the first Sunday of June and the last Sunday in August); time commitment varies depending on the specific responsibility

Current Status: Teams will vary with the particular event

General Ministry Responsibilities: In conjunction with a team of people-

  1. Tracks the rsvps and coordinates who brings what for pot lucks
  2. In events where Hope is proving the main dish: to order the main dish and arrange payment and pick-up
  3. To insure there is enough cups, plates, napkins, plastic silverware, etc.
  4. To arrange for beverages
  5. To arrange for plastic tablecloths
  6. To coordinate the set-up and clean up

Specific Ministry Instructions: See separate instructions for details