Hope Community Church
Thursday, July 18, 2024

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Position Description for

Coffee Team Coordinator 

Last updated: 6/26/17

Overall Ministry Description and How it Relates to Hope’s Mission Statement: To provide coffee/hot drinks for the people of Hope at the beginning of our Sunday morning worship services, as well as other special holiday services in order to encourage relational connections

Ministry Position Summary: Leads and coordinates the coffee team

Ministry Leader: Becky Ingrum (email her at info@go2hope.org)

Spiritual Gifts, Talents & Skills:

  • Hospitality
  • Helps
  • Ability to lift the coffee pots

Reporting Structure: Reports to the pastor & elders, team members report to the coordinator.

Time commitment: Typically once per month before and after service (1-1/4 hours prior to start of service and 1/2 hour after service)

Location: Generally in the Lakes High School cafeteria, or other designated locations on or off the property as special needs arise

Current Status: 1 serving/0 more people needed

General Ministry Responsibilities:

  1. Trains team
  2. Prepares schedule. (Team members will find replacement if they are unable to cover their scheduled date(s) and notify Team Coordinator.)
  3. Notifies Ollie as supplies are needed (coffee, cups, plates, etc, etc).
  4. Serves in the team rotation:
    • Sets up and cleans up beverages and food items prior to and after services
    • Covers up the tables at appropriate times